Our Wine Menu

Red Wine Selection

  • 1. Montepulciano D'Abruzzo €24.00

    Medium bodied, ruby red, intense ripe brable fruit aromas. Good body and lovely fruit finish.
    Glass - €7.50 / Carafe - €17.00

  • 2. Urmeneta Cabernet Sauvignon €26.00

    This intense ruby red wine has an impressive aroma, full of blackcurrant like richness. It is ripe and full-bodied with a good firm backbone.
    Glass - €7.50

  • 3. Messer Del Fauno Nero D'Avola € 27.00

    Made from Nero D'Avola grape. This wine is of an intense ruby colour and its taste is full of aromas, berries, and plums. It is medium-bodied and fruity.
    Glass - €7.50

  • 4. Alegro Rioja €28.00

    This young fresh Tempranillo has a sweet dark fruit nose with a fascinating herby edge.
    Glass - €7.50

  • 5. Big Oak Shiraz €26.00

    Dark ruby of medium depth with exuberant dark berry aromas, interesting oak spice, and pepper on the nose.
    Glass - €7.50

  • 6. Alamos Malbec €31.00

    This wine has an intense and complex nose with ripe black fruits, spice and a touch of violets. The mouth feel is supple with black cherry and cassis flavours.
    Glass - €7.50

  • 7. Missetti Appassimento €29.90

    Sweet evolved chocolate and spice aromas make way for a lovely open palate of creamy vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry.
    Glass - €7.50

White Wine Selection

  • Trebbiano D'Abruzzo €24.00

    A light and crisp wine with hints of apple and wild flowers in the aromas. Dry and full of character with distinct acidity on the palate.

  • Urmeneta Sauvignon Blanc €26.00

    This pale golden wine has a mouth watering aroma which has a distinct tinge of gooseberry freshness. A crisp refreshing style wine.
    Glass - €7.50

  • Murari Pinot Grigio €27.00

    Crisp, fresh and fruity wine. Very elegant, soft and delicate with hints of hazelnuts on the finish.
    Glass - €7.50

  • Marques De Caceres Verdejo €28.00

    Intense and fragrant bouquet of white peaches and citrus fruit. Fresh and balanced fruit flavours
    Glass - €7.50

  • Artesano White Malbec €29.00

    Dry, acidic and ripe citrus notes. Hints of apricots, currants, and flowery notes.
    Glass - €7.50

  • Maui Sauvignion Blanc €32.00

    Straw colour, aromatic and zesty flavours like passion fruit and other tropical fruits. Refreshingly crisp with an elegant finish.
    Glass - €8.00

Rose Wine

  • Marques Goulaine Rose D'Anjou €27.00

    This wine is bright pink with hints of coral: the plate is full and lively with distinct fruit flavours.
    Glass - €7.00

Sparkling Wine

  • Prosecco Frizzante €29.95

    Glass - €9.00

  • Prosecco Frizzante Snipe 20cl €9.95

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